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inspired by a friend yesterday to pick this up, and start posting with greater frequency… and then, happened to check out the artwork for this album i’ve been repeating today. guess it’s a sign! more patterns and other pretty things to come   Advertisements

line by line


these limited edition lamps by Inga Sempé for Moustache are so lovely that they inspired a post. (there’s been an embarassing lapse in frequency for my updates) these pleated lamps have detailed patterning, and are made of Tyvek with an iron base. I love the suspended pendant version. they are so playful! all pictures were […]


the first thing i read this morning inspired me to write, and now as i go back to edit i think i’ll just leave it stream of consciousness. happy reading! this post on critic Robin Givhan discuses contemporary criticism in the fashion world, but is relevant to a range of disciplines. Givhan wrote an article on Karl […]

real quick.


i want to go here (thanks, daily candy, for this post on visiting detroit) honor and folly, in detroit. i’ve been thinking about a WI/MI trip this summer… and this picture is irrelevant to my potential trip but so pretty! also, check out owner Meghan McEwen’s blog “Designtripper explores the intersection of travel and design with genuine curiosity […]

if you’re feeling indulgent today, check out kate spade‘s homage to florence broadhurst patterns with their new decor line. the graphic japanese floral patterning is so interesting and well detailed. i love this pillow in coral, and the wallpaper! a catalog of other florence prints can be found here at signature prints. her pattern work is […]

our adorable intern printed this poster for the fridge today- great architecture valentine. i love the disclaimer at the bottom, too. any holiday centered on arts and crafts is fine by me, especially when it involves sending cards to your loved ones. here are some fun things to look at today: the gilded age mansions […]

winter patterns


gosh, apparently i’ve been hibernating. i’ve had some time to catch up at work this week, so here are some thoughts i’ve been sitting on. these are images of the pattern development for the bayou-luminescence installation, by ISSStudio + PATH. the images, found here,  are so lovely, but i think these drawings of the process are […]