real quick.


i want to go here (thanks, daily candy, for this post on visiting detroit)

honor and folly, in detroit. i’ve been thinking about a WI/MI trip this summer… and this picture is irrelevant to my potential trip but so pretty!

also, check out owner Meghan McEwen’s blog “Designtripper explores the intersection of travel and design with genuine curiosity and good taste.” sounds about right to me- and look at her desk portrait, i love when people post these!

that card on the side reminds me of orla kiely stationary i recently purchased….. which makes me want to wear this (thanks SugarRock for the pics):

from the Uniqlo+Orla Kiely collaboration- will stop by this weekend! on the uniqlo site:

and more.

this weekend we walked by the greenwich letterpress shop- i love my new york skyline letterpress cards, and they have great window displays! here’s their site

too bad they were closed for president’s day… we wandered over to the high line and then cookshop for lunch- yum. and, on the way, we saw these windows- anyone know anything about the paper or decals? i think it was on gansevoort or little west 12th.

and, a few shots of the new A.P.C. storefront in the West Village- i only snapped a few quick exterior shots, but these wooden louvers are great. from the outside, it’s the illusion of a picket fence or jewelry box. on the inside, there is a warm filtered glow and complete views outside to sant ambroeus and the weekend crowds. we’re not sure if it’s temporary or permanent, but i love it! (and take a look at these professional shots on racked)

update: yes, it is temporary. read the scoop here, and i love this response comment:

“APC (to be pronounced the French way) has always been an interesting and edgy clothing company. If they can shake up the West Village by either some clever marketing campaign or a new concept store, that’s not a bad thing, it sounds like this part of town is soon becoming more uptight than even the UES. Good job APC! To answer guess #12, Paris has rules this is true but they also built the Pompidou center in the middle of Le Marais, and FYI, Beirut has become a hot and trendy destination in the last few years.”

i’ll leave you with a fun timeline graphic, courtesy of the Columbia Building Intelligence Project– an interesting academic-industry collaborative project.

one of my best friends will be in town this weekend, and we have been throwing around activities. maybe stop by the foreclosed exhibit at moma– and a few print exhibitions in conjunction with print/out? dan flavin drawings at the morgan library? anyone else have thoughts?

more patterns and other pretty things to come


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