valentine thoughts


our adorable intern printed this poster for the fridge today- great architecture valentine. i love the disclaimer at the bottom, too. any holiday centered on arts and crafts is fine by me, especially when it involves sending cards to your loved ones. here are some fun things to look at today:

the gilded age mansions on manhattan, on curbed– the one pictured above was demolished to build bergdorfs, isn’t that wild! “The only remnant of the mansion are its magnificent gates, which today provide the entrance to Central Park’s Conservatory Gardens at 104th and Fifth.”

this is my new favorite lip gloss. the packaging feels really fancy, like playing dress up, and the texture and vibrant color are so fun, especially for a “holiday” like today (or any other tuesday). i wear 10 pure redcurrant, which is basically a strawberry bubblegum color, and it really does change my entire day when i put it on. find it here.

of course i looked at this is glamorous this morning, here are some gems she’s posted recently- roseline has a great eye, and has an incredible sense for combining imagery:

here’s her valentines inspiration post:

and, if you’re like me and can’t get enough, look at her inspiration board.

one of my favorite gifts upon moving to new york was sibella court’s the stylists guide to new york. it is packed with great shops and secret gardens throughout the city, and well edited (read: neighborhood neutral). the book itself is textured like a scrap book, with notes, routes through the city, suggestions for snacks and lunch, etc.

it has been a really fun resource, and i enjoy the hunt. read more about sibella here. her book tipped me on to kiosk, the store i walked by every day on spring street that  was a mystery until i went in for most on my christmas shopping. this store is such a hidden gem. i get the sense it’s an excuse to travel and write it off as business expense… which is fine by me! they carry some unique items and knick-nacks from around the world. it is an oasis in a sea of big name shopping in soho, up a graffiti-ed staircase next to a mini cupcake kiosk (of course), not that i don’t also love walking by miu miu and mulberry’s window displays- see below, that wallpaper!

and speaking of wallpaper, i also walk by this in the morning:

alright, that’s kind of a grab bag… oh wait! i saw these marais mary janes today on dailycandy and really want them for spring

these animated e-cards from west elm are very sweet and pretty crafty. who wouldn’t want to receive a cute valentine??? and, the 5th one nice shout-out to la colombe- an excellent cup of coffee here in manhattan. in honor of valentines day, let me say that today, i am in love with my morning walk and especially my favorite coffee shop. this morning was my free coffee day at gimme coffee on mott street (oh hey, loyalty card). i love the enthusiastic coffee clerks, and as my first stop its always a great way to start the day. they recently switched from pies n’ thighs donuts (a loss i mourned over an email that  received a prompt response!) to dough donuts, which are different but also delicious….

happy valentines day, loyal readers. more patterns and other pretty things to come soon


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