winter patterns


gosh, apparently i’ve been hibernating. i’ve had some time to catch up at work this week, so here are some thoughts i’ve been sitting on.

these are images of the pattern development for the bayou-luminescence installation, by ISSStudio + PATH. the images, found here,  are so lovely, but i think these drawings of the process are really indicative of the level of thought and detail that goes into these small-scale installations. (side note, i was a designer and project manager for an installation the first year, 2008, with victor jones of fievrejones. i’ve really enjoyed visiting the installations over the years, and being my first winter away from new orleans i really missed participating.)

along that trajectory of design and scale, my friend claire anderson wrote a great post on the fair folks & a goat blog, about egg collective, a furniture design/build studio in brooklyn.  egg’s creative mission merges quality design, a commitment to heirloom quality furniture, and strong friendship. i love the way that claire writes about their work, cataloging all elements of that go into the micro and macro scale of running a furniture design business. plus, their work is lovely. here are a few pictures, you can see more on their website

i love that stumped lamp. i knew hillary, 1/3 of egg, in new orleans, but have gotten to know her and her work (and her saints dedication) more closely through our similarly timed summer moves up here.

i was in new orleans this past weekend, catching up with friends 6 months after i moved. there are subtle changes, but there’s also something comforting about returning to the favorites and familiars (case in point, i’m gone one weekend and come home to find out my corner bodega is closing today and she completely sold out on kinder candies before i had a chance to go stock up). i suppose things change at a different pace in different places, but also our perception of change is relative to our experience. i don’t really know how to tie this graphic in, but i love how it represents the icons of the 60s and 70s, when new orleans was the promise of urban grownth in the south before atlanta and houston surpassed it.

anyway, two new and amazing things to report. first- freret street is totally killing it. in terms of an urban development, it makes me wonder where oak went wrong and freret went right- or, why the freret area has been more lenient in granting restaurant/bar zoning and alcohol permits (micro scale tie-back to the new orleans/atlanta/houston conversation). when i left, cure had been going solid, but there’s now a whole strip of restaurants- multiple pizza places! dat dog II! (and friar tucks is a sushi place, what?!). everyone seems on board. the freret market this weekend was packed, insert shameless plug for my friend mary dipasquale and her art here.

second, the new orleans food co-op is finally open. the president, rachel riezman, is one of my best friends (and weekend host), and has been a strong volunteer of the co-op for years. it is amazing that they were able to pull it off. the shop looks great, the selection of products is incredible, and i love the mural on the outside.

dreams coming true, in a variety of ways….

i read this post by lebbeus woods yesterday and can’t stop thinking about it. many designers share these cross-over interests (and struggle to express/perfect the expresson of these values), and i feel that they end up in architecture and design as a way to spatialize these expressions regarding design, composition, light, materiality, you name it. while in new orleans, i also visited laurel at the glass studio, and saw the completed windows (see posts from last summer where i wrote about the process of designing and fabricating these, and here’s her site).

i can’t wait to see them installed! i imagine they’ll look something like this (laurel porcari, the glass artist; dave coon, architect with pelli on the xavier chapel project, and i on a site visit)

maybe i should make a february goal for posting… is it too late to resolve something for new years? what’s a reasonable expectation? do any of yall (my loyal 3 or 4 readers) have a request?

more patterns and other pretty things to come.


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